Introduction Course

Ideal for complete beginner or enthusiasts. The introduction course span 6 weeks and in it we will teach you the fundamentals of creative photography.

We will get to grips with all the technical aspects that you need to master your camera and get comfortable with manual shooting modes.


Advanced Course

The course is built around the students working on a photography project which they will be present at the end of the 6 weeks. We mentor each student in the project and help push them to develop their own style.  

As well as the project during class we delve into advanced photographic techniques and look at some of the more challenging and inspirational work in the Photographers eyes section.  


Weekend Course

The weekend course will follow the syllabus of the Introduction course. At the end of weekend you will come out understanding the basic of photography and inspired to build your own projects.

There will be a practical session in the studio and we will spend time on the 2nd day doing a short photo walk.